Coin-Free Slots

The slot machines at Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun are going coin-free, which is also the trend in Las Vegas. This is not necessarily bad for two-bit, small-time, chicken-seed, tourist gamblers like me.

Machines that take paper bills and spit out receipts save the casinos from handling a lot of heavy, messy coins. And these machines can be programmed to allow a choice of stakes: quarters, nickels or even pennies.

I think maybe the receipts the machines spit out feel a little more abstract than the actual coins, which might lead to stuffing the receipts back into another machine instead of cashing them in. (Or so I’ve heard.) And I concede that the electronic jangle the coinless machines emit is just not the same as the sound of hundreds of quarters hitting a metal tray.

But I’m in favor of anything that lowers the stakes because it fits my strategy. I just choose the lowest possible denomination and play as slowly as possible. Because it’s not about whether I win or lose. It’s just about how slowly I can lose.


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