Canada Yanks Tax Refund

Oh, Canada! Why are you taking away the GST tax refund? Don’t you want us to come visit any more? I know we’re noisy and we don’t drink enough beer or fully appreciate ice hockey. But we’re the only neighbors you’ve got.

Listen, we’ve been friends a long time. And I’m not complaining, really, it’s just that my feelings are a tiny bit hurt.

Don’t you remember how the husband and I used to stop by all the time? We even sent the kid to get an education at McGill University in Montreal. And we hardly mind at all that she still says "oot" instead of "out," just a little bit.

We didn’t complain about the exchange rate tipping your way because, hey, we had it good for a long time. So what if the Canadian dollar went from 65 U.S. cents to nearly 90? We still came to visit. And we sure appreciated that little refund afterward.

I don’t want to dredge up old quarrels because, really, I’ve mostly forgiven you for deporting my ancestors. And I’ve almost entirely forgotten about the Canadian kid who pushed me off the jungle gym on Prince Edward Island when I was 9 years old. And the thieves who broke into our car in Montreal and stole our stuff.

Still, anyway, given how this currency exchange thing has hurt U.S. tourism to Canada, it’s a little surprising that you’re doing away with refunds of the national sales tax to visitors. I know we don’t refund our national sales tax to Canadians, but that’s because we don’t have a national sales tax. If we had one, we would refund it. Probably. I think.

Anyway, I’ll still visit you, even though I’m a little offended. But remember that starting next year, the U.S. government intends to require passports to enter the United States from Canada, with a few very narrow exceptions. And less than 30 percent of Americans have passports. So I might not be bringing many friends.


One thought on “Canada Yanks Tax Refund

  1. Mark Freedman

    I’m sure the businesses in the US border states will profit from Canada’s decision. For Canada, I guess they never learned the old adage – penny wise, pound foolish.


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