On The Many And Varied Uses Of Travel Duct Tape

I don’t travel without a little roll of travel duct tape. Nor should you.

I haven’t even used the stuff on my last few trips, but I still wouldn’t dream of leaving home without it. Because when you need travel duct tape, you really need it.

The stuff is sold in tiny rolls and is of a variety that can be torn off by hand, so that you don’t need scissors. This is important because the TSA is pretty restrictive about what kind of scissors you can pack in  your hand luggage, and who wants to bother packing scissors, anyway?

Here are some of the uses my clan of nomads has found for travel duct tape:

  • Taping shut a broken zipper on a bag that we were checking.
  • Taping passports and money to hide them on the underside of a desk drawer in a hotel where there was no safe.
  • Patching torn window screens in a hotel so as to keep out insects.
  • Temporarily repairing a pair of jeans torn on a barbed wire fence.

Travel duct tape is a bit of specialty item, so it can be difficult to find. I buy mine from Magellan’s.


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