FYI, I’ve Been FWI

I was delighted to read that there’s a move afoot to require flight attendants to get alcohol server training. I figured there was some kind of airline policy against giving out free drinks in coach on domestic flights. Could it be that the flight attendants just have to learn how?

Turns out, not so much. The training would be on how NOT to serve too much alcohol to passengers. This is intended to prevent passengers from getting so drunk that they crash their cars as they drive away from the airport.

It’s a noble goal, and I’m all for it. But I don’t see how it gets to be called alchohol server training, which inspired a lot of false hope, at least for me. I would call it alcohol NON-server training. Anyway, I hope they’ll make an exception for me because, while I drink sometimes and I drive sometimes, I never drink and drive.

But I do drink and fly – as a passenger, mind you, not a pilot. Yes, if FWI is a crime, I am a repeat offender. I find that a little glass of milk helps me relax and maybe even sleep on a plane. Especially if a little bottle of Kahlua has been poured into it.

Speaking of in-flight booze,  I recently rapped Spirit Airlines for charging $5 for bad beer, and praised Southwest for charging only $3 for bad beer. Southwest just raised the price of bad beer to $4. So I take it back.


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