Grand Canyon Skywalk Reviewed

So, folks, I have a live review from the new Grand Canyon Skywalk and the verdict is: overpriced and underwhelming. This comes from my brother, Patrick Leblanc, and it’s consistent with what other people are saying in TripAdvisor reviews.

The skywalk, a glass-floored platform that extends over the western Grand Canyon, opened last month to much hoopla. Patrick visited this week with his wife, Debbie, and kids, Sean and Elizabeth. He e-mailed me his thoughts on the experience:

  • They advertise it as 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. The Colorado River is off in the distance, and you do have a good view of it. But the actual drop straight down from the skywalk is much less. One security guard on the skywalk said “about 1000 feet” the other said “between 1000 and 2000 feet”
  • They do not let you bring cameras on the skywalk. We did not know this. We did not see it in any of the brochures. So if you want a picture of you on the skywalk, they have a photographer set up on the skywalk and you can buy a print for $15.
  • For a family of four – two adults at $74.95 each and two kids at $54.95 each – the total is $254.80. Use that money instead to stay a night in El Tovar or Bright Angel Lodge in the national park.
  • If I was going to do a helicopter ride, this is where I’d do it. The helicopters dip into the canyon for a birds-eye view. At the national park the helicopters must stay above the canyon.
  • The kids still loved it.

Patrick reports that he felt good about helping the Hualapai Indians, who need the money.  But “they are charging Disney-style prices for a tourist-trap experience.”


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