Other Uses For Digital Cameras

Most everyone uses a digital camera for vacation snapshots and video, but they can also be handy for documenting the business you transact while traveling.

When I rent a car, I photograph it from all sides before I drive away. It’s no substitute for a signed diagram of dings and dents from the rental car company, but it’s a good supplement. If there’s nobody to sign off immediately on the car when I return it, I photograph it again.

Likewise, if I find something broken in a hotel room, I’ll photograph it before I mention it at the front desk. I don’t want to pay for damage that someone else caused.

Speaking of hotel rooms, you might want to photograph yours if you review hotels on TripAdvisor or similar sites that post photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, etc.

My daughter discovered another use for my digital Mapbig camera when we were driving around Spain. We found that when we stopped for directions at gas stations they had detailed street maps we could look at, but none for sale. So the kid took a close-up shot of the relevant part of the map and then looked at it on the camera screen as she navigated.

I read an online post somewhere about a family renting a vacation apartment. When the agent balked at giving a receipt for the cash deposit, the son photographed his parents handing over the money.

That could be a picture worth a thousand bucks – or at least a couple of hundred.


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