Crazy Travel News

I tried to stay away from news during my vacation, but now that I’m back I find that the crazy travel stories have been piling up.

  • Passengers on a British Airways flight from New Delhi to London faced a 13-hour delay as the pilot felt he was too sleepy after a noisy night in a New Delhi hotel. (From Reuters)
  • An airline passenger died in the restroom during a flight and wasn’t found until the cleaning crew boarded the plane after it landed, a federal lawsuit contends.  (From the Associated Press)
  • A small white mouse running around a Boeing 777 delayed a Vietnam Airlines flight to Tokyo for more than four hours. (From Reuters)
  • Northwest Airlines canceled a flight with 180 passengers aboard after the pilot began cursing at passengers while the plane was being prepared for takeoff in Las Vegas, airline officials and witnesses said. (From CNN)
  • Police in a small town in northern France have launched a poster campaign to remind British expatriates and tourists to drive on the right side of the road — literally. (From the Associated Press)
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