RI to UK, $13.50?

A $13.50 airfare from Providence, R.I, to Europe? Could this really happen?

Michael O’Leary. the CEO of Ryanair says it could. He’s wanting to start a new airline with transatlantic service that, he says, would serve secondary airports like Providence and Baltimore with fares to Europe as low as 10 euros.

That’s about $13.50 at present. Of course, the way the dollar has been sinking, it might be $135 by the time Ryanair gets this thing going.

But still. Ten euros? Of course you’d pay more to cover taxes and fees – now running roughly $50 each way. And you’d pay for any extras, including food and checking luggage.

And remember Ryanair is the airlines for which the phrase "ultra-no frills" was invented. Think of Southwest. Think of Spirit airliines. Now keep thinking in that direction.

Still. Ten euros?


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