Google’s New Orleans Time Warp

I recently extolled the virtues of Google Earth, which offers amazing satellite imagery of this planet with all kinds of extras that make it a fascinating and useful tool for travelers. Apparently, though, you shouldn’t trust it to show you the truth about New Orleans.

Google’s explanation seems to be, tentatively, that it replaced some low-resolution images of New Orleans with some high-resolution images that it had recently acquired. Trouble is, the high-resolution images are of pre-Katrina New Orleans, all intact and pretty. The low-resolution images they replaced had shown the devastating hurricane damage.

I can’t imagine what could be the point of high-resolution images of something that is no longer true.

And I think the outrage over this is very interesting. People rely on Google so much, for searches, maps,  images and all kinds of information, that it’s very important to them to trust the company. I’m hoping for a clear explanation of and resolution to this myself .

Meanwhile, I’m wondering whether I should go back and get a high-resolution image of myself when I was 19 years old and post that as my blog photo. My friends, I looked good. Well, relatively.


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