Couple Overboard

Again with the going overboard from the cruise ship and surviving. This time it was a young couple out on their balcony who somehow ended up in the Gulf of Mexico and stuck it out for more than four hours until the ship’s crew rescued them.

You remember – last time it was a guy who got drunk, got into an argument, jumped from the balcony of his cabin and spent eight hours in the ocean before the Coast Guard found him. There was much speculation that his corpulence kept him afloat.

No word yet on the blood-alcohol levels or body-fat ratios of the latest junior varsity cruise ship diving team try-outs.  But there is a whole lot of entertaining speculation on the Cruise Critic message boards, where many of the habitues would like to point out that balcony railings are much too high to fall over by accident. 

That’s the truth. Nobody "falls off" a cruise ship without making some kind of effort to get around all the infrastructure designed to prevent it.

I think maybe some people were just meant for inside cabins.


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