Dude Overboard

Some guy on a Carnival cruise ship fell or jumped off a balcony into the Atlantic and was rescued eight hours later. This is amazing. I can’t wait for the details.

The news reports suggest the passenger may have been intoxicated.  (The exlamations duh! and d’oh! may both be applied here.)

At least this allegedly drunk passenger had the good luck to go overboard with somebody watching, which certainly helps with the search and rescue. It’s not so easy to find a guy in the ocean if nobody notices he’s missing for a couple of hours.

Even so, you have to wonder how the guy survived for so long in the Atlantic. Did he tread water for eight hours? Did he make some pact with friendly dolphins to keep him afloat until the Coast Guard showed up? What did he have to promise the dolphins?

The prevailing theory on the Cruise Critic message boards is that the gentleman in question was simply too fat to sink. The people who posted on the message board were a bit more circumspect in their language, but that is clearly what they were getting at.

While the news footage does seem to confirm that this is a man of substantial proportions, I’ve seen bigger dudes on cruises. Much bigger. Much, much bigger.  Of course, this does not disprove the theory. The bigger dudes might be able to float for a week, for all I know.

Anyway, every time a cruise ship passenger goes missing, you have to wonder how these things happen. This time Good Morning America can ask him.


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