AA Battery Cellphone Charger

I just bought a little gadget than uses AA batteries to recharge a cell phone. You might ask why I need such a thing, but that’s looking at it from the wrong perspective. The correct perspective is, "Cool!"

Actually, I don’t need it. The kid does. I bought it for her and my mama-san to use. Granddaughter and grandmother are planning a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain.

Charger800 They intend to walk more than 60 miles, staying in hostels or refugios, which are sort of like hostels but less so. These can be crowded, and I’m guessing there may be competition for access to outlets for recharging phones and the like. But the papa-san and I want to stay in touch with them as they walk, so we want them to be able to recharge the kid’s quad-band Motorola RAZR V3. 

Hence the Gomadic Emergency AA Battery Extender Charger. With four AA batteries, which can be bought just about anywhere in the world, the phone can get some extra juice. The recharger sells for $20 and comes with a tip for whatever device you need to recharge.

So, you see, I didn’t buy this thing just because I love gadgets. There is a real practical purpose here. And I figure it could come in handy in a power failure. Right? I mean, when you think about it, I really did need that extra iPod connector for it, too.

When I looked into this topic, I discovered that there are a variety of emergency cell phone chargers out there, including solar-powered versions and ones that you crank by hand. CNET has a nice wrap-up. Just in case you’re thinking you might need one of these. For practical purposes.


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  1. Clare

    I missed reading Coach Class for almost a week. I just caught up on it, and I will now be late for work. It was worth it! I have enjoyed every posting, especially when you write about your strange family.


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