More Disney Ships

Disney has two of the prettiest cruise ships afloat, and soon it will have two more.  The extra good news is that Disney says it will  stick with the "classic trans-Atlantic ocean liner look with the exterior color palette borrowed from Mickey Mouse."

I’ve never cruised on either the Disney Magic or the Disney Wonder, but I’ve seen one or the other plenty of times in port.  It seems to me that the biggest drawback to being aboard one of the Disney ships is that you can’t look at it when you’re on it. They are that beautiful.


The Wonder and Magic are virtually identical: dark blue hulls, white superstructures, black and red smokestacks and rounded portholes and windows throughout. And they tend toward pricey. When other cruise lines discount, Disney generally does not.

The Disney line gets favorable reviews most everywhere for its service, decor and family-centric activities. There are no casinos on board the ships. But they aren’t necessarily tame.

One night years ago the husband and I were aboard a Royal Caribbean ship docked in the Bahamas until 2 a.m. There were two other ships in port, including a Disney ship and a Carnival ship. We amused ourselves for the better part of an hour, up on deck, watching drunk passengers stagger up the dock toward the ships.

We were able, based on the relative drunkeness of the passengers, to predict with great accuracy which ship they would head for. The most sober ones boarded the Disney ship. The fairly drunk ones got on ours and the drunkest ones headed for the Carnival ship.

As the departure time neared and the crews started to get ready to haul up the boarding ramps, two women who looked to be in their early to mid-twenties rolled out of a cab and started giggling and weaving up the dock. They were plastered. When they turned toward the Disney ship, we were sure they had made a mistake and were just too drunk to know which ship they had come in on. But they showed their IDs and staggered up the ramp onto the floating world of Mickey Mouse.

You just never know.


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