I already told you where to go …

If you like to cruise, you need to consider this deal. I mentioned it before, and I’m mentioning it again because it’s just killing me that I can’t go on this cruise.

Here’s the deal: a 13-day repositioning cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Splendour of the Seas leaves Galveston on April 23, stops at Key West and does six straight days at sea before stopping in the Azores, at Cadiz, Spain, and finally at Barcelona.

An inside cabin starts at $499 per person, which is less than $40 a day for all the food and amenities. (Booze is always extra.) Want a porthole? Make it $549 per person.

Of course you have to pay for two sets of one-way airfares. But still – let’s do the math.

Costs per person:

$138  Bradley to Houston (USAir)
$40  Houston to Galveston (Galveston Limousine Services)
$499  cruise fare (Royal Caribbean)
$303  Barcelona to JFK (SwissAir)
$80  JFK to Hartford (Connecticut Limousine)

TOTAL: $1,060 per person x 2 = $2,120

Well, OK, that doesn’t cover all the costs, such as shore excursions and hotels on either end. And I can’t imagine going to Barcelona without sticking around for a while. And, I admit, the travel back to Connecticut is fairly grueling.

But it can be done. And if you like cruising and you can afford it, you ought to think about it because I’m thinking about it way too much.

Here are your airport codes for this one

Bradley: BDL
Houston / Bush: IAH
Barcelona: BCN


2 thoughts on “I already told you where to go …

  1. Tim

    It’s damn shame that as a Key West resident, I can’t hop on board and begin the trip from here. Sounds like a really wonderful cruise!

  2. Jeanne Leblanc

    Hey Tim,
    I suppose you could book it and “miss” the departure. Passengers are forever doing that, and catching up with the ship and the next port.


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