E-Mail Trip Folders

I am disorganized by nature, so I have to be a very organized traveler. If I weren’t, I would never get where I’m going.  One of the most important tools I use to organize trips, especially long and complicates ones, is the folder in my Yahoo! mail account.

Here’s how I do it. When I’m logged into Yahoo! Mail I create a folder named for the trip’s destination. Most recently, that was SPAIN. Then, whenever I get mail related to the trip, I drop it in the SPAIN folder.

When the airline mails the itinerary, it goes into the folder. When a hotel confirms a reservation, into the folder. Travel insurance policy, folder. Event tickets, folder. I’ll even e-mail myself things to put in there – links to websites about the destination or the text of travel stories.

Here’s a screen grab of my Yahoo! Mail folder for our Russia trip last year. You can click on it to see a bigger version. (I’ve smudged out e-mail addresses of some correspondents who forwarded me travel documents, to protect their privacy.)


When it’s time to go, I can print out all the information in the e-mail folder. And the real beauty of it is that I can get at it over the Internet any time I need it, even while I’m traveling.

If you have Yahoo! Mail, you’ll find instructions on creating folders here. There’s more about how to move mail into folders here.

You can do something like this with Google’s Gmail, using the labels function. Google explains labels here.

Other web-based e-mail systems may have similar features. Try it out. It works for me.


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