I’ll tell you where to go … CARIBBEAN CRUISES

I’ve been blogging too much about cruises, but I think I’d better mention this set of deals. Royal Caribbean is offering 7-day Caribbean cruises on its very big, fairly new Voyager class ships this spring for as little as $499 per person for an inside cabin.

It’s a promotion with Travelocity, which has all the details. (I found out about it first from TravelZoo.) You have to buy the fare by Feb. 13. Could be a Valentine’s Day gift, if there’s anyone you like that much.

Trouble is, many of the cruises depart from Miami and I’m not seeing particularly appealing fares from Bradley right now. On the other hand, I do see some nice fares from Providence to Fort Lauderdale – in the $150 range, round trip, taxes and fees included. Several major airlines are offering this fare, but with very limited availability. And some of the cruises leave from Fort Lauderdale – which is only 25 miles from Miami.

The husband and I once flew into Fort Lauderdale, stayed there for a few days, and then rented a car to drive to Miami for a cruise. At least some car rental companies waive the one-way drop-off fee between Fort Lauderdale and Miami because they’re so close. And we’ve flown out of Providence a few times, when the fares were right. It’s a very manageable airport.

Airport abbreviations, if you’re searching this one:
Bradley: BDL
Miami: MIA
Fort Lauderdale: FLL
Providence: PVD


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