Time Flies

If you have frequent flier miles with Delta or USAir, you need to know about some recent changes in the rules.

Used to be that if your account was inactive for three years, you would lose all the miles in it. Now Delta will erase the miles after two years and USAir will wipe them out after just 18 months. And United will cut back to 18 months at the end of this year.

To keep your account active, you can take a flight on the airline in question or one of its partner airlines. You can even use your miles for a flight to keep your account active. (Not all airlines count miles redemption as activity, but the three in question do.)

Not ready to go anywhere? You can earn miles in other ways. You can use an affiliated credit card or, depending on the airline, eat out, rent a car, join a program like eRewards, or even download iTunes.

Point is, you do NOT want to lose miles. They’re worth money. Over the past few years I’ve flown to Hawaii, Finland and Puerto Rico on frequent flier miles. And it beats the hell out of paying for the ticket.

So here are the links to check out the rules: Delta | USAir | United


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