Coach Class Junior


So the kid wanted to see the Mayan ruins at Tulum on the shore of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. She was on a cruise that stopped at Playa del Carmen, or rather nearby, at the much less charming port of Calica. The cruise line would have taken the kid and the kid’s boyfriend on a shore excursion to Tulum for $79 each, but that was a little steep for her. (They’d only paid $175 per person for the cruise itself. Another story.)

So here’s what they did. They paid $10 US for a cab from the pier at Calica to the colectivo stand at Playa del Carmen. (A colectivo is a van, kind of a cross between a bus and a taxi.)

Then they paid $5 per person for a crowded, one-hour ride to Tulum, where they paid the $4 per person admission fee, visited the ruins and swam at the beach nearby.

Then they did the whole thing in reverse, with a stop for some shopping in PDC before taking the taxi back to the ship.

Total cost for two people: $48
Total cost of official excursion: $158
Savings: $110

I’m very proud. My little Coach Class traveler is all grown up.


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