I’ll tell you where to go … HAWAII

Time is running out on the $450 round-trip fares (including taxes and fees!) from Bradley to Honolulu. You need two weeks for an advance purchase, which means that if you buy it right now you can’t go until Feb. 14. You have to return by Feb. 28. Yeah, that’s pretty restricted. And seats are sold out on flights around both ends of the Feb. 18 vacation week.

So, with all those restrictions, is it worth it? Should you stay up late on Travelocity, Expedia or Orbitz trying to finagle the last couple of seats to Hawaii? YES. Why? Because Hawaii is paradise and that fare is half the peak price. 

Skeptical? Check out these Hawaii photos from our readers on courant.com

Besides, I managed to find seats on a Feb. 13-28 trip last night on Delta. The same fare is, at least theoretically, available on American, Continental, Northwest and United. If you can book it, book it NOW.


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